Thursday, August 26, 2010

white rabbit, more

more photos of the newest piece. the lighting is much better in these photos so i thought i would post them. it allows to show truer textures and clarity of the objects i used.

lilly pads and bull rushes

try to find the metal bars amongst the taller weeds

shadow river and rain

yesterday was a day of rain, so what else would i plan but another art project. this time i went out, loaded up the canoe and headed for the shadow river. this river system splits into two and i decided to paddle into the narrow and shallower part of the river in order to explore a perfect spot for some placement of objects. There were endless amounts of options, but too keep things simple i choose only a few spots that i thought suited the objects best. the rain came down and added to experience of canoeing through the narrows of the river, it was like another world in there. forest surrounding was so lush, beautiful and at times was really creepy. the quite of the area took over at times and to hear nothing but the rain, and the creatures in the trees made for a cool location for placing my new finds... metal bars painted with spray paint and they look like twigs


Friday, August 20, 2010

pile o trees

just imagine the camp fire you could have with this little pile of logs. just left in a clearing at the side of a road is this pile o trees. of course i used the pile for an art project, perfect spot for what i might say is the last time i use my spray painted cogs. during my little adventure in the pit of rocks i found some scrap metal so i picked a few pieces for a future project. there is this bit of energy that i have lately so i will most likely take to the trees again. the energy is not the greatest actually, i tend too use making art as a release of good and bad energy. i guess it is my way of meditating and clearing the mind.


included with the placement of the bike cogs i used a few railway pins. i used a bit of pigmented beeswax on the pins to add a bit more texture and of course colour. i still can not believe this site that i found and went into, the surrounding area is a huge forest that is supposedly conservation old growth.

pit fire

i realize that placing objects in random places may not seem too exciting, but i keep on finding these interesting spots. i happened to find a little drive way that led into a rock pit that is on someones private property who for some reason decided to mine the joint. so i brought in my art bag and played around with the ends textures of the surrounding rock vs the bike cogs and railway pins that i have. anyhow, i walked around the property for a long while and placed the cogs in a few spots that i like.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

white rabbit where is your permit?

well well well, i just finish up my latest sculpture. white rabbit, raven feathers and gun shot shells, how strange. the thought of turning this into a solo show would be a great release of the creativity that fills my head. the only thing is that i have not approached many places in order to complete a solo show. i find that my mind has wondered the past 4 weeks or so. just at the end of creating my pieces for the outdoor show i started to switch directions in what i was making. more installation type pieces vs paintings and such. that is not a bad thing, i guess it just shows that my work has evolved and hopefully heading in a direction that will lead me to a larger idea. like the deer stand installation that i want to make.

i have a name for this new piece, but i will post that a bit later. i want to take the piece out in the woods for a good photo shoot.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

white rabbit

a while back i made a mold of a rabbit using good old burma rubber. i used a rabbit that i had since i was a little kid, i believe my uncle fred gave it too me. it is like a piggy bank but in a rabbit form. anyhow, i thought it would be interesting to use one day and here ya go, i found a good use for the little guy. amongst other finds in this recent sculpture i have raven feathers, gun shot shells, deer antler, wood and a mix of encaustic, thread and paint. everything finally came together, i've had these treasures for a little while now and as dumb as it may sound i had a dream about this piece. i drew out the sculpture of what i remembered what it had looked like in my dream and slowly but surely the piece is coming together.

i will post more photos of this piece during the next few days, so please keep posted. ok friends, keep on creating and enjoy.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

beaners sign

these are not the great quality of photos but i thought i would post them anyway. i am currently working on a sign for a cafe where i am living north of toronto. i've finished one side of the sign and now am trying to make the other side exact to what i have painted already. i will post better photos when i am finished, maybe end of with a nice strong cup of espresso.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

more rocks

more photos of my placing rock art.

unorganized township

ha! found object, art placement, forest art, whatever this is i had heaps of fun. i found these spray painted rocks at a construction site so i took them with me and headed for the trees. yes this is placed art and it was fun making my through the forest, rapids and river beds. i know this not might be real art (but is it?) however it helps with clearing the mind, inspiration for other art projects and to give me some material for my art blog. i will post a couple other photos, there is on great spot that i found amongst a rock community. you will see once i post the photo.

oh no, the power has just gone out where i blogging, so i better go. see you my friends