Thursday, April 22, 2010

earth delights

"and forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair" K. Gibron

beetle lake trail

there is this beautiful trail near the wolf den called beetle lake trail. even though my last name is spelled beadle i had this great connection to the trail. this was the second art project that i had done on the trail and i am sure i could spend weeks on the trail creating little things like this. after a few of these projects i have more of an idea on why i am doing this. nature and human made things combined together, introducing objects to a forest that would never be seen there unless i or we bring them to it. metal cogs stuck into a dead tree that is rotting, but is still full of life. there was moss and fungi growing on and near the tree. i wonder what would happen to the cogs if i left them there to rot with the tree???

Saturday, April 10, 2010

earth cloaks and creeks

today i made myself an earth cloak for my adventure in the woods. i found this great spot with a small creek and huge boulders the follow through a small ravine, plenty of moss little waterfalls and endless amounts of art projects to be had. i can't believe how close this spot is to the wolf den bunkhouse, just 10 minutes down the road. it is a spot that i will visit again to create an art project, if you can call this an art project. i am still undecided on what to call what i am doing with hanging the found obejects, but it feels right and i am thinking i could possible do something with the photos in an art show or something. there are a few areas that i still need to revisit in the woods close by, some old tree stumps, cliffs and large boulders that i can climb up onto and stick in the cogs. it is all fun and games until you get your earth cloak stuck in a branch...

roots, shoots and buttons

ok i know, this might seem sort of strange. using buttons, cogs and string and placing them placing in a forest. well, i just thought it would create a unique view of human made things and stuff versus the natural landscape of a forest. my little adventures in the woods has sparked a few new ideas, so since i have the chance i thought i would explore the new ideas with what i have on me. cogs, buttons and a bit of thread and yarn. so far so good i would say.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

free moose rides

i am currently visiting a place called the wolf den bunkhouse. a little piece of paradise that boarders algonquin park in ontario. there is this point in my life where i need to find peace in myself again and enjoy the simple things i love. like hiking in the woods, sitting beside a ragging waterfall while making art or just relaxing and breathing fresh air. the city smog was becoming to hard to handle. anyhow, here are a few photos of something i made a few days ago when it was fairly warm out. i've worked on a few things during my stay so stayed tunned. oh and internet is not always available so i might have to do a larger upload when i return. and if you are wanting to get away for a while please visit the wolf den, there is lots to do and the hosts ben and sue are wonderful.

the rhythm of life is when you experience your own body, mind and soul.

see you