Friday, July 30, 2010


a few more shots of framed pieces. i've also started a mix of prints that include illustration and spray paint. i have only worked on a few things lately, i have a few things on the go that have taken up some of the art making time. which is not always bad, one thing is a commissioned piece. i met a gentleman today at the gallery i help out with today and he said i should make wallets with my illustrations and prints on them. not sure why he suggested that, but i thought it was not the worst idea ever. kind of cool actually, but how the heck to i make a wallet. there must be a wallet pattern out there in web land.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

its a sale!

ok, i know that creating things and stuff is not always for the money, but how nice would it be to own an original piece of art. i have plenty of prints, sculptures and larger pieces of work that is for sale. i really enjoy having my work spread out around me to view, but it is time for others to enjoy my work in their homes, work or your friends homes or work. above are a few examples what i have, i can send you more photos upon request or even better i am going to try and set up an etsy site so that it will be an easier process to purchase my work. please email me if you are interested in buying a print, it would be my pleasure to help you find that perfect piece.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

sketched out

when i lived in toronto during last winter i happened to come across about 20-30 boxes of old books on the side of a curb. what else would one do then to rummage through all the boxes to what you could find. i ended up leaving with an arm full of book covers and this black book that had removable pages. what a great find, i could use this a sketch book and reuse the cover over and over again. well this is the first of many pages that will fill this book and what to do with the pages that are finish, who knows. really who knows, any ideas, should i make a littke artist book of my sketches?

Friday, July 23, 2010

something to post

just what i thought, my ideas would switch directions after the outdoor art show. i've been sketching a few new ideas and have recently been approached for a commission. it is an outdoor sign mind you but they want my art on the sign with the name. it is a small cool cafe north of toronto called beaners. so in between the sign and my new ideas i am still on my art journey this summer. i've been venturing to my favourite artists sites and blogs these days and i must say that i am seeing a lot of amazing creativity out there. it is a good boost of inspiration and a good kick in the ass to keep on creating.

Friday, July 16, 2010

a few pieces

thought i would post a few photos of what i had on display at the show. there were some interesting comments on my work, mostly i heard i have different work. i've started to think about a few new pieces and where i want to take my work. i'm still working on my prints, but i really need to look for some new finds to make into sculptures and or mobiles. not sure why i've started mobiles, but i guess i should continue this way.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

post show

hello there friends, the art show went very well. Lots of great feedback, i made a great contact to have my work published into a spanish art magazine and i sold 7 pieces. the hot summer weekend was welcomed and there was plenty of fun to be had, so all in all the hard work was well worth the effort. however i don't want to stop here, i still have plans to continue my work and maybe experiment further with found treasures and papers. i do plan on taking a bit of break to unwind and gather a few thoughts and sketch a bit. anyhow, hope those who read this blog had a chance to visit the show and actually see my work in person. if you are a new visitor from the show, thanks so much for visiting and it was a great to meet you. see you soon.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

live painting

i found a little grassy knoll in the little town that i living in for the summer and starting another suitcase. the town is north of toronto about 3 hours and i have a feeling my work is a little different then what most folks are used too in this part of town. i did have a couple lookers, and a photographer who asked to take photos of me while i was at work. one thing that made me happy, a little girl was interested in what i was doing, she made her mother walk over to me to take a closer look. she really liked the suitcase and of course mr buster who was there sitting with me. it is nice to see a younger audience taking interest in the arts, maybe i influenced her a bit to start drawing or making things and stuff.

Friday, July 02, 2010

mobiles, cogs and encaustic

sorry the photos are really hard to show how this mobile looks. after finishing up the wax and balancing everything out with the horn and the cogs this first of many mobiles is really neat. i started preparing the second set of cogs using more pigmented wax but i mixed up some turquoise and a bright green. yeeks bright green i say, my palette these days is pretty much all over the place. however my work is pulling together into a nice series of work. i say my pieces are nice because in long while i have not felt so good with the work that i have created. i have thought of possible searching for a place that i can put together an installation piece, hopefully the mobiles create some interest and someone will knock on my door. i am not sure if anyone actually reads what i write or just skims through the photos, but if you are interested in any of my work i should have you know most of my work is for sale. ok then, more too come...