Friday, November 20, 2009

take a ride

meet Fran, the bike that I found behind a gas station. I decided to take her out for a ride and film how lovely she is. the thing is you never know when she is going to send you flying off the seat. please enjoy this short ride with Fran.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

soggy bag

use your imagination.

greenfences and bicycle gears

i happened to get my hands on some old bike gears and old fencing wood, so i put them to good use. my newest print and my newest fence. it seems that the creative work has taken on some new growth and the more i make the more interesting things become. what next...

Saturday, November 14, 2009


the thoughts I have are out of my mind. whirling around like snowing leaves from a bright orange and yellow tree. if you have seen it you know what I mean. there are just so many thoughts and ideas right now that what I put on paper feels like a long story or a dream that I forgot about from the previous night. I've started carving new lino blocks, thought of trying wood but I sort of like the feeling that I have gone back to basics. lino blocks are so simple but unforgiving and I like the sense of not being able to turn back, paint over or erase what I have cut out. same things goes for the little bit of street art that I attempt.

a lot is unfolding in my sketch book and I am starting to transfer my brain storming and sketches in larger pieces of something. i wouldn't call them paintings just pieces of something "maybe art", don't know.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

one wire to another

some of the driving force to my inspiration are hydro poles, not sure why. Mostly the wooden poles, the seem like they are the forest of our inner cities. The trees that once stood tall in an untouched forest and so important for our earth, still stand tall and hold the electricity to our every day lives.

Which is better? If you know me well you know my answer. Stand tall for all of us...