Monday, May 24, 2010

carving with maple seeds

well it is that time again to start another batch of carvings for the new series of prints. i am also still working on the goose and i've stepped into some new territory, sculpture. i wonder how things will turn out...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

save the goose

the iconic canadian goose might not ever be in trouble of endangerment. they are so abundant that some people think of the great goose as a pest. these geese are a symbol of our country and we treat them well, yet they never tend to move out of the way for you when you are walking past them or cycling to work along the lakeshore trails of lake ontario. they hiss and flap reminding you are out numbered...

BY THE WAY check out there is a huge anouncement about the protection of the boreal forest. watch the newest video, there are many great shots of the campaign history, including daring actions by greenpeace activists, volunteers and staff.

no road found

during my stay at up north at the wolf den bunk house i had found several pieces of things and stuff to use within my work. one item was a rusted old metal screen found on a logging road which i used as a stencil in this piece. which i must say that this piece is now hanging in the apartment of sps. a friend of mine who commissioned me for this piece. see even you can be a proud owner of an original piece of my work.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

permit for feathers

if anyone needs a permit for their feathers please contact me, i have a few left for sale. including prints, suitcases and special requests.

Hello there friends, here is a recent piece that I just completed. I am a little in limbo of art studios at the moment, but I have been able to make do with what is available for space. It is not that bad actually, I have access to a large 2 car garage, a little piano den and a hallway of a house. More then enough space, but it is a little limited. I can not freely have my supplies out and I need to keep the space really tidy, it is not my own space it is shared with my family. Anyhow, the next couple posts is what I have worked on and will continue to work on during the next week or so until I find my way up north again to keep my creative juices flowing.