Monday, September 20, 2010

summer exposure

i thought i would bring back some images of what i did this summer. this year has brought new exposure for my work and i've made some interesting pieces. so during the next few posts i am going to dig through the many photos that i have taken to show some of the progress that i have had this year.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

artists can cook...

i am not posting this because i have run out of material, i just thought it would be a little peek of what else i like doing as an artist. COOK. i went to the streetsville farmers market this weekend with uncle luciano and we picked out some goodies. some corn, squash, garlic and a bit of maple syurp i was all ready to make a dish using all local produce. even the garlic!

i roasted everything and then made a dressing of olive oil, lime juice, maple syrup, ground cummin, corriander and paprika and seasoned with salt and pepper. i must say it turned out really great, really sweet from the corn squash mixed in with the lime and maple, but it also had a nice smokey taste from the barbeque.

after i filled my belly with yummy goodness i went back to the drawing table and worked on my prints. so far a good days work.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

tightey whitey by Vince and Mike

a couple friends of mine painted this cool mural over the long weekend in guelph. Vince and Mike worked their magic and provided a great mural for those who will visit the Red Brick Cafe in guelph over the next year. i believe there are some plans for the space, ie other artists painting murals in the space, music and good times. the owner of red brick cafe was really great in allowing this to happen, it offers great exposure for artists and she has supported the arts community tremendously. thanks to red brick cafe and of course Vince and Mike for their hard work.

work in progress

just a few things in progress, working on a new piece and decided to explore with my prints. i have a really good feeling about the new prints, although i am thinking these days that i should expand my palette a bit.

Friday, September 03, 2010

prints for a trip

i've started working on more prints this month in order to prepare myself for a trip that i am taking at the end of october. there is an opportunity for me to show my work and be part of an art/farm market in the US. yes i did say the US, so i thought why not have a good inventory of new prints that i can show and sell. i am not very sure on how the set up is where i am going, but by the sounds of it i believe that i will do well in the area. i will explain more on where i am going and why, and of course post a few photos of what i am preparing for the trip.